International Business Development and Partnering


How will you proactively generate new business? Have you identified your target companies/customers for international partnering? Who are their key people and decision makers?  Do you have adequate resources in-house for building strategic business relationships with contacts, partners and customers?

Business Development is about successfully growing your business and attaining your goals.

For a business to grow and succeed it is dependent on a range of skills and resources that need to be implemented at critical development crossroads.  Many small and start-up companies lack the resources to plan or implement these essential actions and activities that are essential for future success. They may also be  geographically distant from potential partners, or from the target markets.  

BioTechCatalyst helps you maximize your resources and competitive advantages by:

  • Identifying international business/partnering opportunities
  • Quantifying and differentiating the different opportunities
  • Identifying and contacting the key  persons in the targeted opportunities
  • Facilitating and mediating initial and continued discussions
  • Developing and building business relationships
  • Maintaining the Business Development momentum
  • Acting as the business development director for small companies
  • Helping negotiate a term sheet that reflects the desired deal value and structure


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