Fund Raising and Road Shows


Fund raising and Road shows are expensive and very time consuming activities. Who do you target for successful fund raising purposes?  What are the focused inclusion/exclusion criteria for your database? What are your advance preparations for meetings with Angels, VC's, Private Investment Funds etc?  How likely are your chances for a second meeting?

Fund raising is a difficult, challenging and time consuming activity. There are many Start Up companies seeking funds and a far smaller pool of investors.  Investing adequately in your pre-meeting research and preparation is a pre-requisite to driving your fund raising objectives forward.

The Investor

Do you have sufficient background information on the potential investors you are/will be targeting (markets of focus, deal size, investment strategy, company portfolio etc) to ensure their suitability for your company and its specific technology? 

Your pitch

Do you need to prepare, review or improve your visual materials; to work on your presentation skills; to create an appropriate meeting handout document; to spice up your "elevator story"?  Do you need to re-focus the "what, how, why" of your company's message or clarify your business model in order to quickly and clearly differentiate yourself.?  Can you keep it short and simple?  

BioTechCatalyst assists you in successfully overcoming these challenges:

  • With its database of potential investors/investment entities BioTechCatalyst can expertly and quickly match the investment strategy, criteria, expectations and needs of the potential investors/investment company with the needs of the specific client company requiring the financial investment.
  • By working with you to ensure that presentation material and skills heighten your chances of impressing your audience and reaching your goal - a second meeting.

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