Our Focus and Expertise is International Commercialization, Business Development and Technology Scouting services for Emerging Life Science companies, Entrepreneurs, Life Science Investors and potential Strategic Partners.

Services related to International Marketing, Sales and Distributors

Small and start-up companies usually lack the optimal in-house resources to quickly and efficiently establish their own International Marketing and Sales infrastructures or to locate the best suited partners or distributors to market their products internationally.

Have you considered:

How you plan to market and distribute your product internationally?

What entry strategies to adopt in the different target markets?

Is your action plan (International Marketing Plan) proactive and suited to current market needs?  Does it need updating ?

Should you reconsider your market entry strategy in certain markets?

Who are the key market players essential for your product's success in each target market?

What pricing policy is best for your product?

Will your currently available resources be sufficient to meet your goals?


BioTechCatalyst can assist you plan, review and implement your strategy for International Marketing and prepare your International Marketing Plan.  

It covers the important challenges, issues and activities en route to achieving your international commercial goals including  - target countries, market entry/partnering options (subsidiary, out licensing, distributors, co-marketing), sales channels, pricing, margins.

For each target territory BioTechCatalyst will assist you with:

  • Choice of entry strategy
  • Targeting, contacting and preliminary discussions with the key market players
  • Negotiation and final agreement
  • Development and choice of Marketing materials

Depending on your needs BiotechCatalyst works with you to successfully implement the planned actions, for the short or longer term, either as your consultant or as your International Marketing Manager.

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